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How To Overcome Addiction To Games On Children

Bagaimana Mengatasi Kecanduan Game Pada Anak

Try it, have we asked specifically why children and teens even adults addicted to games? Maybe the answer simply put is a game that is fun and exciting-spots for you model the game. At first glance the answer is good and reasonable. But a growing gaming lately has been more than just a cool and fun. What is there more fun and why? Because now there is no life and his own, or simply no "natural" itself.

We will learn why children and adolescents as an avid basketball player something whose name game, and what the impact of the danger of psychologically and the future of the nation.

Many parents complained and had no real if her son had opium on this one. On one side there are also Delish, parents when their children are playing games they have time for yourself and as though it could be free from duties and routine consequence of minding the child task. But know that it turns out there are a lot of "natural" harmful in nature games and that favors for the child.

Let us understand what is happening in the world of gaming, in nature it is you who is not anyone can be a nobody. That is if you are in the real world you are a person of ordinary, troubled school children and life in the real world is troubled, can be changed if you played a role in the Game. For example, your child's school is in trouble with grades and his attitude, could have been in the game for him is a whiz who helped people and powerful and appreciated. And this is contrary to the world obviously isn't it? Even in the realm of games or game world he is a King who is respected and has 1.8 tons of wealth and all the commands and desires can be met.

The child was not anybody in the real world, but he is "the King" or people in power in the game. And it favors him because the award and acceptance is really felt in nature of the game. While the world was, in fact, he is not appreciated and various label about children negatively already piled on him. They are seeming to be a loser in the real world and the children in "vain", can become a true champion in different realms. They get awards and received, in elu-elukan feel needed, wanted and it's all different with the real world in their lives. Familiar isn't it? Why children and teens can be addicted to games?

As parents or caregivers to grow flower child it's good we understand this and give different treatment to our children, thank him for what it is and help to perform and make him become terrific in a field that he liked. If we don't take our responsibility, then it can take over and we know that's the game and various similar media ready to become a teacher and influence in his life.

Consider, in this current game play has been very much pay attention to the human side of psiokologis, it became evident as the market they are human. But we want to share here is they are much more able to understand human beings than men themselves to fellow human beings. Example, rarely or even never found within the world of gaming there is criticism and invective when a child fails to play it, which there is the word "try again, wanted to continue, and the like" compare in everyday life of a child or an adult, the new one once or twice already in the cap could not and did not Xue song. And the attached label or stamp in the minds of us and our children to mean forever, but what we need is exercise and conditioning, because we do not yet know and understand. In the game there are no such rules, they are much more understanding and patient rather than our fellow man.

The Game has also overcome many things in life, some time ago there was a colleague who every day are addicted to gaming because of the lonely and difficult to communicate with his family. He ended up playing a game farm-themed "knotted", every day his Ipad will emit the sound of cows, if not fed, and he could be a real pity "considers him not eat cows mine" and there are certain hours where she should be with the game for concentration without being bothered. As if her life as a busy professional, however, simply feed the cows on his own game, told daily is a ridiculous subject and with out loud.

Well, you already know the problem and how to solve it? There are 5 tips that we will share and you can practise in everyday your life and your child.
  1.  Provide the time and togetherness with the child more, accompany the child at home. If you are very busy, set in such a way. Let's say your child is "sick" and need to be accompanied
  2. Develop a more palatable way of communicating and connected with the child.
  3. Trying to understand the needs of the child, including the child's language. Immerse yourself in games played that could become the entrance you speak with the child.
  4. Plan a time to eat together and recreation together. During a chat with a nice teen is the current situation they are also tasty, while eating and relaxing.
  5. Don't talk let alone with rage to the children while they are playing games. It thus makes them grow unharmed. Trying to talk to stare at the child with affection.
May the writings and this information useful for you and your beloved family. Go back to your primary function, and love our children with all my heart.

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