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Important Is The Orientation (Ospek) For The Formation Of Character?

Pentingkah Masa Orientasi (Ospek) Bagi Pembentukan Karakter? 
Before we discuss together, let's unite our ideas together. What is it? The idea of why we live in this world is for good and love. Do good for the sake of those we love, we know the Earth is being damaged. If we instill the idea inidi our heads, then we will do our best for the people that we love, our children.

We want him to live in a comfortable and healthy, not in a cage (as reported in the mass media and TV, two children were deliberately by her parents at home). If we are the Earth's resident sane then we will not do that, just think of the good for future generations, whether you agree with this idea? Generally agree, just that its implementation sometimes poorly executed properly.

Ospek (Orientation studies and an introduction to the campus), the longer the discussion. Exciting and excited, every year lately, consuming victims. The effect on Indonesia Ospek less well. Likely misplaced, why an educated place begins with something that even uneducated no relation. What a good idea of ospek? He said the formation of character (from a couple of sources that we read), the creation of characters formed from heavy physical activity and straining is not even given a drink at the very moment of need, in snaps and "physical torture". Whether this can provoke and wanted revenge or even damage the self-esteem? Even the trauma of school?

Formation of Characters that form Resentment, anger is a character, the character of inferiority (low self esteem), the characters Easily anxious and Pessimistic (cowardly). If there's a fearlessness that is formed is only 10% of the population, the most numerous and how dare based on hurt or things that are not healthy, not a brave knight, isn't much more than a daredevil dares to be honest? try, if you put in the cage of a lion, what are your feelings? Fear. But not everyone is afraid of, there are some minorities who may be only a few people could escape from fear and take intelligent overcome her fears and step out with agile and daring. This person could be traced if he passed hurdles time junior high school if the forests, but not all children experience the same thing isn't it?

Ospek (Orientation Studies and the introduction of campus) from the name alone and the Group should not touch and culminate in miserable. Ospek is actually a period of orientation, the introduction. Introduction to someone on a relatively new neighbourhood. Someone who still confuse right and left. Someone who need others who have first understand and understand a new world which will enter it what it looks like. With the concept of "fun and learning", rather than the task by bringing eggs with yolks that are torn, or cat-headed fish fry or bread made from flour, as well as cement, brings hula-hula-style clothing, which men so women and vice versa. Then there is the comment "this creativity", creativity in education always brings life, not improvements impact the twit live.

We all want success isn't it? If anyone wanted to fail in this life? We are a school, want it to succeed in school and in life after school. We'll share a little bit of research from Thomas j. Stanley. Success in general size is only 3. What is it? Popular (popular), productive (generating and creating something) and matter (wealth). Fill one then you can be called a success.

In 1999, Thomas j. Stanley doing research using the approach to material (money), the only person who had a fortune of $ 1 million dollars (about 12 billion dollars) which can be researched and following research held by him. This study followed about 800 more people, and found successful people-forming factors; the money as much as $ 1 million. There are 30 aspect, but we will learn from the 5 things alone, the fifth is:
  1. Be honest to everyone
  2. Have a good discipline
  3. Smart mix
  4. Have a spouse who supports
  5. Work harder than anyone else
This is an easy explanation, if you want our beloved breed under successful fifth instill such things then. Hadn't deviated much, isn't every success left its mark. No need on behalf of or for the sake of "creativity" that ultimately only the sheer abuse and damage self-esteem learners. If you want to make games, make a healthy game and is based on a foundation of proven success.

Later, after the completion of their educational lives benches in school and College, they will be living in a completely different world with them before, and they generally still have to learn and adapt to a fairly long time, think about it. Prepare them after they finished their education at life will go in the world that perhaps there is no such recognition in the orientation of the existing school. It is good if it's set up education seriously and real, even though we know the slogans of education is to prepare a generation that is ready in its time. The fact that in mid-December 2013 we got the news in the headline of one newspaper noted, that there are more than 10,000 unemployed (educated) in one province where the province there are over 1200 companies. The reason is because of the potential and the quality is not ready, terrible isn't it?

It's good we are looking from the real facts, use orientation and ospek correctly, build something useful in the future. Show you how to learn about honesty, discipline, and commitment to the task of socializing in their real attitude, not just theory. They need to feel and do that. Well in this portion of the use of creativity we as educators to reproduce the behavior, it is this creativity that build and Bamboozle learners.

If this simple formula is applied in every educational institution in Indonesia, then a later generation will occupy Indonesia's abundant generations and generations masyur in the eyes of the world. Do you have a good idea for those who are fond of? Start from around, treat everyone well and it will be good for future generations.

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